State aid and subsidy disputes

We effectively protect our Clients against claims for reimbursement of subsidies obtained from EU funds.

Of the 15,642 grant agreements for a total grant amount of PLN 22,164,755,425.45 concluded with Beneficiaries by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme in the period 2009-2016, 2,321 agreements were terminated or dissolved for other reasons (as at 03.10.2016). This represents nearly 15% of the total number of contracts concluded with entrepreneurs.


We successfully represent clients in proceedings in which PARP has demanded the return of more than a hundred million subsidies in total. We do not hesitate to apply unconventional solutions, striving to maximise the likelihood of a favourable outcome for the Client. Our activities are undertaken with the utmost care for the Client’s interests, being aware that maintenance of a subsidy often decides about further functioning of an entrepreneur.